Lavender state of mind

Lavender Meringues w lavender

It’s not that I don’t have enough work from and in the garden already. Every week now, another fruit or vegetable needs to be harvested and processed. And yet, after visiting The Lavender Farmette, a local lavender farm, for my guest blog column at Fig Bethlehem, I just had to make some treats with lavender: Lavender Meringues, a favorite of ours and a great way to use up leftover egg whites. And, for the first time, Lavender Ice-Cream based on my standard ice-cream recipe. Continue reading

Spring syrup lineup

Sweet Woodruff Syrup

There is something magic about making your own syrup from things in the garden in the springtime. You start with a handful of leaves or blossoms (free of any chemicals!), a few cups of water and sugar, and end up with a taste so intense that you do not need more than a sip to flavor a non-alcoholic drink or a cocktail. A bottle will last well into the summer, and it keeps even longer if you seal the bottles by processing them in a boiling water bath. Continue reading